General terms and conditions Luxery Chalets Austria

general terms luxechaletsoostenrijk austriaArticle 1. General
1. The general terms and conditions specified below, apply to all reservations with Chalets-Oostenrijk.
2. Chalets-Oostenrijk retains all price changes and errors on the Website.

Article 2. Rental period and extra costs
1. All rental prices are in Euros and apply per week, exclusive extra costs for energy/cleaning/tourist tax/sheets (depending from Chalet witch specified on the website: availability/prices). Normally Saturday / Saturday, excepts specified on the website. The week starting on Saturday at 3 p.m. and ending on the following Saturday at 8.30 a.m. The Chalet cannot be used before the specified time!
2. Changes to a made reservation will charge € 35,00 per change.

Article 3. Booking, Confirmation and Payment
1. Booking can only be done via the website under the button: Contact.
2. Sending a reservation form is binding by law for travel (accommodation services, transportation or leisure concern). See Article 5. Cancellation. By Chalets-Oostenrijk the rental agreement/confirmation can be cancelled within 4 working days after the reservation request, by paying 35,00 Euro administrative costs.
3. The tenant will receive a confirmation with a note and further information.
4. The payment can only be done by bank transfer. We don't accept cheque's ore credit carts.
5. The first payment (350 Euro summer /500 Euro winter) must be done within 4 days, 50% of the rental price must be paid 4 Month's before departure, and the whole price must be received 8 weeks before departure.
6. Chalets-Oostenrijk will send a written reminder when the payments are to late. When Chalets-Oostenrijk the payments not received within 4 days after the reminder date, we have the right the agreement to cancelling. In this case, Chalets-Oostenrijk will charge cancellation costs as described in Article 5 of these terms and conditions.
7. When all payments have done you receive 3 weeks before your stay, the travel documents you need to get into the Chalet. When you did not received that 2 weeks before your stay, please contact Chalets-Oostenrijk.

Article 4. Keys, Deposit and Damages
1. Chalets-Oostenrijk require a deposit of € 350/500 per accommodation. Chalets-Oostenrijk will reimburse the deposit after deducting costs of any damages and/or extra cleaning costs within 7 days after staying.
2. By loosing a key we must replace all the key cylinders. The costs off replace are for the costumer.
3. Costumers must report any damages directly to Chalets-Oostenrijk. The telephone number is included in the travel documents and present in the Chalets.
4. Chalets-Oostenrijk has the right to keep the costs off any damages in the Chalet made during your staying from your deposit.
This costs mostly can recovered by your travel insurance. In that case the tenants receive from Chalets-Oostenrijk an official note.

Article 5. Cancellation
1. In accordance with the provisions made in Article 3.2, the rental agreement/confirmation can be cancelled within 3 working days after the reservation request, by paying only 35,00 Euro administrative costs without any further obligations.
2. When a reservation is cancelled between 4 Months and 8 weeks prior to the stay, an amount of 50% of the rental amount will be due and payable.
4. When a reservation is cancelled less 8 weeks prior to the stay, the full rental amount is due and payable.
5. When you want to make an travelling insurance than go to your own insurer.
6. When there is a good reason for cancelling you get back the paid money from your insurer. In that case the tenants receive from Chalets-Oostenrijk every using official note.

Article 6. Rental,
Chalets-Oostenrijk is owed the agreed upon rental price as specified in the written confirmation (which is also deemed to be the reservation invoice). Travellers cannot make use of price discounts and/or special offers once the confirmation of the reservation/invoice has been sent by Chalets-Oostenrijk. Chalets-Oostenrijk have the right to close not using sleeping rooms, especially in summer and reduction prices.

Article 7. Pets, Smoking, placement of skis and ski boots, house rules, cleaning, etc.
1. Pets are not allowed.
2. Smoking is not allowed.
3. Deep-frying using fat in and around the unit is not allowed.
4. Skis and ski boots must be placed in the areas designed for this purpose.
5. The house rules must be strictly observed. A copy of the house rules is available in every Chalet.
6. Household rubbish: Travellers are expected to dispose all rubbish, bottles, paper, etc. themselves.
7. The kitchen (including oven and dishwasher) must be cleaned before leaving.
9. Setting off fireworks near around the Chalet is not allowed. Any damages will be immediately charged to the person renting the accommodation and must be paid.

Article 8. Liability
1. Chalets-Oostenrijk will not be responsible for:
a) Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or resulting from a stay in one of our Chalet;
b) Break down or inoperability of technical equipment in the Chalet;
c) Break down of Internet connections;
2. The person renting the Chalet is responsible for all loss and/or damage in the rented Chalet. Also when a third person with permission from the renter in the Chalet damaging something the original renter is responsible for the costs.
3. In case of incorrect use of the rented Chalet or if the rented Chalet is left behind in an inappropriate state, additional (cleaning) costs may be charged or deducted from the deposit.
4. The Chalets-Oostenrijk website will specify the number of people that can sleep at the Chalet. More people than has been specified on the website may not stay at the Chalet. The intended number of people must be indicated when booking. This number may only be increased after having obtained written confirmation from Chalets-Oostenrijk and after paying the extra costs for the extra persons and 35 Euro chancing costs.